Old Dutch Rum Inside Rotterdam

Old Dutch

Mention Dutch liquor and jenever may just come to mind. Some of the largest, globally known brands have their origins in the Rotterdam region, so it’s no surprise that locals can always come up with a good reason to enjoy a little ‘neut’ (tipple). Next time you need (or deserve) a drink, go for a good Old Dutch. Founded in the 19th century by a local skipper who sailed the world and started illegal distillation in an abandoned barn, the first Old Dutch successes were both jenever and vodka. People immediately loved the drink, especially because of its characteristic taste of black pepper and lemon. And they still do to this day! The rum, gin, and tequila are great, whether in a mix or straight. Cheers to the Old Dutch, who make you feel–at least for the moment–very young and alive!

Ampèrestraat 9 (Vlaardingen), Tel. +31(0)10-4357588


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