Inside Rotterdam Magazine - Martine van der Plas

Martine van der Plas

Art Restoration

Inside Rotterdam Magazine - Martine van der PlasYou could call her a“fixer” in the most arty way possible. Because she makes sure your most precious painting, sculpture or ornament frame remains a showpiece for many more years, in optimum form. Martine van der Plas is an officially registered and noted art restorer, someone you can absolutely entrust your artwork to. She’ll tell you in detail how she’s going to clean or restore your piece and why this is the right way to do it. From paint that chips off and annoying old restorations to pollution and a yellowed varnish layer: whatever your painting is suffering from, Martine knows how to bring it back to its original state. Whether you have a unique, but damaged heirloom, souvenir or you live in a mansion with a faded 18th-century ceiling painting, Martine will fix it for you; with her craftsmanship, ethical principles and a lot of love for beautiful things that shouldn’t be lost.

Martine van der Plas–Kunstrestauratie Rotterdam, Borchsatelaan 105b (Hillegersberg), by appointment only,

Tel. +31(0)10-4611662

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