Dossier Indië

Famously planting roots throughout the world, from America to Asia and
Africa to South America, the Dutch empire had an extensive colonial reach. ‘Dossier Indië’ at the Wereldmuseum offers a unique glance into life in the Dutch-colonised East Indies through a comprehensive photo series. This unique series, compiled by guest curator Thom Hoffman, focusses on the gradual shift in perspective during the colonial period in the East Indies. Many early photos depict the East Indies as a glamorous and exotic place, only focussing on the colonists’ perspective. Hoffman, who also studied the history of the Dutch East Indies for 25 years, makes a point in this exhibition to shed light on the social relationships between Dutch colonials and the colonised Indonesians as well. While colony life was (and still is) portrayed through the eyes of the colonists, ‘Dossier Indië’ highlights what life was like on the other side.
Dossier Indië, on now until 14 May at the Wereldmuseum, Willemskade 25.
Open Tue-Sun 10 AM – 5 PM.

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