Alejandro Cesarco Coded Meanings indise Rotterdam

Coded Meanings

Words by: Camille Collins

Uruguayan-born artist, Alejandro Cesarco, uses indexing to organize complex themes into comprehensible structures. Cesarco’s Index series will be displayed at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art as the artist’s first solo exhibition. Seven indexes, one of which is being created specifically for this exhibition, will explore complex themes such as mourning and regret, the repetitive use of traditional, romantic ideals, and the connections between writing and memory.

Coded Meanings by Alejandro Cesarco

Indexing is not a typical medium used to understand such complex ideas; however, Cesarco’s work is a continuous exploration in codifying “the way meaning is felt.” These indexes are from non-existent books Cesarco “hasn’t written and most probably never will,” allowing visitors to interpret these imagined stories and recognize literary patterns in the text.

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